Our green promise

Energy Efficient Products

We carry hundreds of energy-efficient, eco-friendly products for our customers to choose from.

In-Store Cardboard Recycling

Because we are committed to protecting the environment, here at Curacao we are diligent about recycling our cardboard and reducing our waste.

Earth Day/Eco Festival

Every April, Curacao dedicates its 16-page monthly catalog to promote Earth Day. Besides in-store campaigns, media partnerships, and special guest speakers presenting at our locations, the culminating event for our Earth Day program is the Eco Festival. Held at Plaza Mexico, the purpose of the Eco Festival is to celebrate our planet and educate our communities on how to help protect our environment.

Planting Trees/ Prof. Henry Sanchez

Curacao is a proud sponsor of the Barefoot Eco-Runner, Henry Sanchez, a professor of mathematics and environmental engineering who is on a mission— to reach Alaska by fall 2012 by running barefoot through various cities and promoting the protection and reforestation of our planet. His ultra-marathon mission started in Patagonia, Argentina in 2008. By planting trees along his journey, his goal is to promote environmental protection and to educate and encourage people to take action.

Lights Off

Every day at 12:00am, all lights are automatically shut off at our Corporate office in order to reduce our energy consumption.